Error establishing a database connection

Solution for netbeans, glassfish and oracle connection problem

I am trying to move my offsite database to a separate dedicated box that my wordpress can connect to remotely. I have already performed the necessary dumps, imports and permissions. After changing the wp-config DB_HOST from localhost to the remote IP, I get the message “ERROR ESTABLISHING CONNECTION” in bold and a blank page.

However, when I put the same credentials in the dumb wordpress config, it doesn’t work. any ideas? I fired up the mysql error log but nothing comes up for these failed attempts.

Are you running “mysql -u USER -p -h REMOTE_IP” from the machine that WordPress is on or from the machine that the database is on? What I’m pointing out is that maybe the database is not configured for remote access. – Aleksandar Jakovljevic

I had a similar problem before. My config file was correct and my database was remotely accessible from my box with apache, like your situation. I thought that the problem had to be that apache was not allowed to make a connection to the database … or something like that.

Joomla can’t connect to the database

Before you start reading the steps presented below, you should make sure that your Mac is clean from potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). In case it is infected, various cyber threats may be blocking access to popular sites in Safari.

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You can use the open source tool pgAdmin to connect to a database instance of RDS for PostgreSQL. You can download and use pgAdmin from without having a local instance of PostgreSQL on your client computer.

You can use a local instance of the psql command line utility to connect to a database instance of RDS for PostgreSQL. You will need PostgreSQL or the psql client installed on the client computer. To connect to the RDS for PostgreSQL DB Instance using psql, you must provide host information (DNS) and login credentials.

The most common connection problem usually occurs with the access rules of the security group assigned to the DB Instance. If you used the default database security group when creating the database instance, most likely that group did not have the rules that allow you to access the instance.

The network adapter could not establish the connection

<Result>: Integer <Source>: Character stringName of the data source (also called Data source name). If the data source contains multiple “Databases”, the name of the “Database” used must be specified (<Database name> parameter).. For more information, see remarks. MySQL and MariaDB: This parameter corresponds to the name or IP Address of the computer containing the database. For example, “Apollon”. The source can be an HFSQL Classic or HFSQL Client/Server database.Versions 16 and later This parameter corresponds to an empty string (“”).New functionality version 16 This parameter corresponds to an empty string (“”). This parameter corresponds to an empty string (“”). <User>: Character stringUser name. This name is optional for some data sources: in this case, use an empty string (“”) for this parameter.