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Last March, WhatsApp began testing a feature that allows you to send photos and videos that are deleted once viewed by the recipient. This feature, intended to offer greater privacy when conversing with someone through the app, prevents the person from saving the image in their gallery. Now, Wabetainfo reports that the feature is coming to Android.

The novelty is very similar to features available on apps like Snapchat or Instagram. The sender can send a photo or video that the recipient will be able to view only once. Unlike Instagram, which offers a few seconds to view the image, WhatsApp does not delete the content until the user leaves the preview or closes the app. When the image is discarded, it is permanently removed from the conversation. Photos or videos sent via this option are also not stored in the gallery.

WhatsApp allows you to see if the recipient has opened the image, even if they have the read confirmation option disabled. The function is also available in groups, where the user who sent the image can see which members have opened it.

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Illustrative / rawpixelIn our age of instant communication via various mobile applications, the problem of privacy emerges. Sometimes, one has to communicate with little-known or absolutely unknown people, for example, when making second-hand purchases and sales.Not everyone wants access to their image, as in the case of the profile picture. In this context, the WhatsApp application makes it possible to solve this problem without blocking the other person.

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However, this same function could expose sensitive documentation, such as an ID photo or photos of a sexual nature and create a false sense of security, especially among minors, who are often less aware of the risk of sending intimate photos or videos through social networks.

Press the camera icon to take a photo or record a video or select a media file from your albums.  You can also do this by clicking on the attachment icon and then clicking on the following

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